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MARAMM, the Moroccan Association of Asset Management, Reliability and Maintenance, is a non-profit association, based in Rabat. It was created with the aim of raising awareness, informing and transmitting the importance of sustainable management of assets, reliability and maintenance by integrating the challenges ESG. MARAMM has an ambition African strong and is committed to promoting " best practices in terms of Asset Management, Reliability and Maintenance for the sustainable management of assets on the continent, while representing Morocco. There MARAMM provides actors in the public, private and academic sectors with objective decision-making elements for their issues.

Investing well, securing, preventing, operating well, renewing well and producing well in a more global and sustainable way, to better create value, are necessary issues to ensure guaranteed returns on investment.

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THE Best practices

MARAMM brings together references, methodologies, publications, standards following international standards (iso 55000, 55001, 14001, etc.), specifications and feedback from professionals in order to orient towards " Best practices » in Asset Management, Reliability and Maintenance at Morocco, in Africa and through the World.

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A diverse community

MARAMM is an independent community of professionals including young engineers, executives, business leaders, public sector players, start-ups, industry experts, certified practitioners, who come together around a first-class platform plan, providing networking, resource and support opportunities for public and private sector asset management, maintenance and reliability professionals.

The themes addressed by MARAMM include Asset Management, Reliability, Maintenance, as well as the sustainable management of assets, which integrate issues related to social, environmental and governance (ESG) responsibility.

Our mission

The exchange of knowledge, good practices on an international scale with particular attention to the level Moroccan And African through regional, national, African and international conferences. Symposia, interactive technical seminars, application journeys, masterclasses, training and certificates recognized internationally.

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Our vision

To be recognized as the partner for maintenance and reliability at scale African with a leadership positioning, providing an interactive platform to achieve excellence in asset management, reliability and maintenance with a level WORLDCLASS following the international standards.


Varied Themes in line with the current needs of manufacturers and the realities of the Market

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Management of physical assets and infrastructures

This theme concerns the sustainable management of an entity's industrial assets, infrastructures and physical land, with a view to increasing their availability, extending their life cycle, while reducing their carbon footprint and associated costs and risks.

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Predictive Maintenance

Anticipate breakdowns and failures of assets in innovative ways, improve energy efficiency using cutting-edge access-to-results technologies, such as the Internet of Things (IoT), L'AI and machine learning (ML) .

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Improve asset reliability, by implementing maintenance, monitoring and failure prevention strategies.

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Training and Certification

Train and certify employees of an organization, in order to guarantee their skills and their daily efficiency.

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Security, risk and crisis management

Encompasses planning, preparation, identification, assessment and management of risks and crises. The implementation of security measures to protect the people, property and data of the entity.

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Energetic efficiency

Reduce the organization's energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions by implementing energy efficiency strategies and using renewable energy sources.

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Asset monitoring through data analytics

Involves the implementation of monitoring and data analysis systems (ADA advanced data analysis) to assess the condition of assets in real time and make effective decisions.

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Standards and Regulations

Comply with the standards and regulations in force, by introducing policies and procedures for regulatory guarantees.

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Software Asset Management

Effectively manage an organization's software and licenses to reduce costs, optimize performance, planning, security, productivity, and ensure compliance with applicable standards and regulations.

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Innovation and Performance

Encourage innovation and continuous improvement of the processes and activities of the entities, with a view to achieving optimal performance, under the right conditions.

Data Management and Security

Provide effective and secure entity data management, providing strategies, policies, and procedures to ensure data confidentiality, integrity, and availability.

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Networking and Strategic Partnerships

Establish strategic partnerships with other public and private organizations and participate in professional networks to promote the exchange of knowledge and experience.

Transversal Domains

With the disruptions caused by the pandemic and war in Ukraine, soaring energy costs, economic uncertainty, material and talent shortages, asset managers have their work cut out for them. reinvent themselves to reduce the impact on their organization. To help them get up to speed, support human capital, strengthen their competitiveness and above all stay at the forefront of the latest technologies, a number of complementary key cross-functional areas are integrated to provide you with targeted and comprehensive activities that take into account the challenges current.

Industry 4.0/5.0

Maximize the performance and life cycle of your assets by digitizing and automating your industrial processes. Use augmented and virtual reality technologies to train your workers in asset maintenance and repair for more efficient management.

Circular Economy

Reduce the costs and environmental impact of your asset management activities through the circular economy. Reuse, repair and recycle raw materials and end-of-life products to maximize resource use and minimize waste.

Artificial intelligence

Anticipate failures and failures of your assets thanks to artificial intelligence. Use sensor data to plan maintenance and asset replacements, for more predictive and proactive management. Improve the accuracy of demand forecasts to optimize the planning of maintenance activities.

Digital Transformation

Optimize the management of the entire life cycle of your assets thanks to the digital transformation. Collect, store and analyze data more efficiently for more secure and productive management. Improve collaboration between the different departments involved for more integrated and transparent management.

ESG / Sustainability

Promote responsible and sustainable management of your assets by integrating ESG criteria into the selection and management of your assets. Ensure that your assets comply with environmental and social standards, and minimize their environmental impact to meet the expectations of your stakeholders.

Human capital

Improve the performance and sustainability of your assets by investing in the development of your human resources. Train, motivate your workers to maintain and repair your assets. Drive innovation in asset management with tailored training and development programs.



Global Forum on Maintenance & Asset Management

MARAMM is an active member of GFMAMMARAMM is an active member of GFMAM, an international organization, which promotes sustainable best practices, expertise, networking opportunities and collaboration. It takes to heart the continuous improvement of standards and knowledge in order to promote growth and excellence, these are imperative elements to face the challenges of the globalized economy and the demands of investors.

Supporting Organizations

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Our contribution

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Asset Performance 4.0 2023
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Challenges of the current context

Many uncertainties reign over how our world will evolve given the latest major events that we continue to face. Businesses move from vision to value. MARAMM is made up of an experienced team, a trusted network and internationally recognized experts in their field to help asset managers, manufacturers, academics and any other entity concerned with maintenance, reliability and asset management to meet all future challenges.

- The president


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Asset Performance
October 25 – 26, 2023
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October 12, 2023
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September 11 – 13, 2023
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June 9, 2023

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